“Give Your Business a Face with a Pleasing Website” 

There’s a wide range of open source platforms available nowadays for hassle-free Internet development. CodeIgniter is among those frameworks that comprehensively serve NetPyx with all the useful tools and properties and therefore we are able to provide exact solution to your website. We choose and implement completely different anthologies to get the best results.  

What’s CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is an open source web application framework that is used to build dynamic websites with PHP. It helps to develop projects much faster than framing code from scratch with the help of a rich set of libraries, a simple interface and logical structure. It’s a toolkit for developers that let them focus on your project creatively. The MVC structure offers nice code separation and also keeps things clean as well as manageable.

Here are Few Reasons You Should Consider CodeIgniter:

  • MVC architecture, and its reliable.
  • CodeIgniter is fast and simple.
  • It’s great for mash-up apps as uses multiple platforms.
  •  The framework is customer ready.
  • It’s multilingual for internationalization of your website
  • It offers fully-modular code-base and compatible with PHP 4 and 5.
  • You’ll find no security problems with this framework.
  • You’ll enjoy a reliable open source platform.
  • There’s no complex structures and development.

Using a well-designed and simple toolkit, we will create a website that will help you increase your brand awareness and improve your customer relations.

Our CodeIgniter Offerings Include the Following:

  • Develop Interactive, Synergistic and Professional Website
  • Configuration and Customization of Files
  • Active Record Implementation

The Internet has changed the face of businesses and our approach is to provide cost-efficient and competitive solutions to our clients. Without the proper planning and design, a website is doomed for failure and our experienced professionals will never let this happen to your website.

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Cake PHP

“Result-Oriented Framework to Ensure Your Success”

In the ever-changing corporate environment, businesses seek for solutions that work in structured manner. CakePHP can be a perfect choice, an open source web development framework that offers rapid application development and customized websites. NetPyx offers cost-effective CakePHP development services across the globe.

What’s CakePHP?

CakePHP is an open source web application framework that follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) approach, and it is written in PHP. It uses well-known software design patterns and software engineering. It also features some programming features like Association Data Mapping, Front Controller and Active Record. It’s one of the most preferred and well-known web development frameworks.  

Why You Should Go for CakePHP?

  • Easy user interface that speeds up the development process.
  • A fixed coding pattern is followed for a structured website.
  • An upgradeable infrastructure and supports diverse technologies.
  • Combines cost-effective and state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Incorporates flexible and powerful data validation.
  • You enjoy great compatibility with any website directory.
  • Incorporated and customized according to your requirements.
  • Most robust, secure and advanced PHP based web solution.

At NetPyx, we understand that an effective solution is critical to the success of your business, or brand. Our CakePHP developers have expertise in their field and assure that you get the best solution among your rivals. 

Our CakePHP Solutions Cover the Following:

  • CakePHP Web Development
  • CakePHP Application Development
  • CakePHP Website Maintenance and Deployment
  • Custom Module Development
  • Web Application Integration with CakePHP
  • E-commerce Web Development
  • CakePHP Upgrade and Extension Development
  • Test Coverage and Documentation
  • Seamless and Effective Communication

Here at NetPyx we provide our clients with a unique and advanced approach towards their Web-app development. We offer an array of development services and believe in delivering projects on time and within their budget.

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“We’ll give Pulse to your Project by Creating Unique Web Pages.”

In the dynamic era, it is very important that your business have interactivity and technology-driven online presence. You need to have a credible web presence that reflects your business and offers you a platform to compete with other established competitors. We have worked on many projects with some established clients and ready to offer you proven technologies including HTML.

Let’s know a little more about HTML:

HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is the main markup language used to create web pages to be displayed on a web browser page. The markup codes and symbols tell the web browser how to display words and images on a web page for the user. It is a formal recommendation by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and adhered to by all major browsers. From innovative website design to e-commerce solution development, out enthusiastic and experienced team takes pride in offering exactly what you want, at a cost that makes sense.

The Advantages you can enjoy using HTML:

  • An open technology which is user friendly and flexible.
  • A globally accepted language and easy to understand.
  • Almost all browsers support the language.
  • It is the most search engine friendly programming language.
  • Offer search engine compatible pages with no complications.
  • Can be used to display just about any kind of data.
  • Interaction between the WebPages makes it more effective.
  • It is easier to maintain or update any site.
  • Website’s feel and look attracts more people to visit the website.

NetPyx is a professional firm in based in India that offers custom web solutions at a price that everyone would like. Our team consists of some of the best HTML developers and they strategically develop creative and practical solutions. The websites designed and developed by them are simple to manage, easy to use and cost effective.

We are pleased to offer you a cost-effective solution, tell us your business needs and project timeline – we’ll analyze and provide you with a clear picture of we can get it done for you. Our professionals know that you are putting your time and money in the project and hence, they plan, design and develop as per your requirements.

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“We Convert Your Ideas into Outstanding Design and Formatting.”

css3When you plan a website for your business, time and money are likely to be crucial concerns. Luckily, there is a method that can help you save money and time while also improving traffic to your site. CSS has fast become the popular web design method for the advantages it offers to web designers and visitors.

NetPyx creates websites that provide an effortless user experience, promote your brand and business, and high rankings on the search engines. Our highly skilled and experienced web design team translates your ideas into the digital language and an outstanding design. They determine the scope of your project, and accordingly create a timeline and budget.

What is CSS3?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language designed for describing the look and formatting of documents written in a markup language. It is a form of communication used to widen the display of a website markup language such as HTML or XHTML. It determines features like fonts, spacing, layouts and colors, to name just a few. CSS3 is the latest standard of CSS and contains the old CSS specification

The Benefits you can Enjoy with CSS3:-

  • Consistent styling and formatting throughout your site.
  • Good page ranking with a search engine friendly website.
  • It makes your website more stylish and attractive.
  • File transfer size is reduced dramatically.
  • It’s a cost effective development platform.
  • It helps to handle sheets in a convenient and flexible way.
  • It incorporates the multi-column module.
  • It increases visitors and website’s adaptability.
  • Make websites available for a variety of media options.

Our process begins with an analysis of your business’s potential, competitors and your potential customers. We have expertise in different styles, fonts, layouts and colors of the web design and hence, offer you a flawless solution. Our unique design and development process extracts your true brand identity and drives notable results.

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“Surprise the World with Unique Designs and Animations.”

It has become imperative to make interactive and exciting web pages to attract new visitors and keep them engaged for an extended time period. This is the world of design and adverting, the more attractive and interactive will be your, the more people will visit it. A mute strategy or a mute website cannot serve the purpose; you need a rocking design with enough animations and other interactions.

Do you want to know more about jQuery?

jQuery is a small, fast, and feature rich JavaScript library designed to streamline the client-side scripting of HTML. It is open source software that makes it easier to navigate a document, create animations, select DOM elements, develop Ajax apps and handle events. With jQuery, designers can easily and quickly writer handlers, either HTML classes or IDs, to the document on specified events.

Why is jQuery so Great?

  • Abundance of plug-ins to make special effects.
  • Search engine optimized, it’s completely readable to all search engines.
  • Save time, its five lines are equivalent to 25 lines of JavaScript code.
  • It is Cross browser friendly and the most popular library.
  • It produces dynamic, powerful and interactive websites.
  • Can perform many animations and transitions like Flash in a cleaner way.

Well, you can see the benefits of using jQuery heavily outweigh the negative effects so it undoubtedly a perfect fit for your website if you are looking for an engaging site. We will make your website look more professional and at the same time more interesting by adding animations, slides, photo galleries, etc.

These are some examples of jQuery Usage:-

  • Photo Galleries and Slideshows
  • Manipulating images by cropping and resizing
  • Scrolling or Sliding Text
  • Roll-Over Effects and Animations
  • Stylish Menus and Navigations
  • Interactive Maps
  • Music and Video Players
  • Advanced Animations
  • Background Image Animations
  • Tabbed Content and Form Validation and more…

If you want to add advanced animations and rich user interactivity to your website, we are always available to make your dream come true.

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“Own an Amazing and Cutting-Edge Website with Enough Flexibility.”

joomlaGood design doesn’t come in a second. It is a collaborative process that takes experience, communication and patience. We work together with our clients and begin each project with a solid understanding of what you want and why you want it. When you demand for an outstanding design and brilliant content management – we always go for Joomla.

Companies look to us for different projects, and out strength lies in offering them exactly what they need. What makes NetPyx unique is our approach and project management – we think strategically at every step and help businesses build strong image


What is Joomla?

Joomla is a popular open-source Content Management System (CMS) that helps to create and manage a dynamic website. It is written in PHP and used object-oriented programming (OOP) techniques and design patterns. It has an intuitive management interface to manage all the features as well as functionalities of a website. It is supported by a large community and allows users to customize it to their own motives.

Here are big benefits of Joomla Website Development:-

  • It’s quick and easy to update.
  • It makes your website searchable.
  • Protect content; make pages viewable only to users you want.
  • It has an excellent resource of extensions.
  • It offers built-in basic SEO functionality.
  • It supports multiple languages.
  • Its community is friendly and vibrant.
  • You always get security updates from Open Source Matters.
  • Joomla website is compatible with almost all major browsers.

As you can see, there are countless benefits for using Joomla, and it’s very clear any business, whether large or small, can benefit from its power

What we’ll do for you:-

  • Joomla Web Design
  • Joomla Development
  • Joomla Hosting
  • Joomla Installations
  • Joomla Website Maintenance
  • Custom Joomla Development
  • Joomla Migration Service
  • Mobile Joomla Web Design
  • Integrated E-commerce Systems
  • Joomla Help and Support

Look at these real world examples of Joomla, where it is used to make:-

  • Corporate Web Sites and Portals
  • E-commerce and Online Reservations
  • Corporate Intranets and Extranets
  • Community-based Portals
  • Organizational and Non-profit Websites
  • Online Newspapers, Magazines and Publications
  • Government Applications and more…

Joomla is an outstanding platform to build data reporting tools, inventory control systems and complex business directories. Since it is based on PHP, you’re creating more powerful applications.

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“We’ll provide an All-in-One E-commerce Solution to Your Business”



Magento is an emerging e-commerce script and is very much essential in today’s highly competitive world as the owners can have full control over the quality and security of their site. We offer you an opportunity to excel in your business with our professional and reliable Magento web development services.  

What’s Magento? 

It’s an open source e-commerce solution that comes with a variety of tools, inevitably for creating a successful online shop. It offers a lot of built-in capabilities, such as coupon codes and promo pricing, detailed statistics, and a lot of SEO options. It’s a flexible and powerful Content Management System (CMS) that uses Zend PHP and MySQL databases. It comes with highly intuitive administrative interface and gives you the leverage to control the look, content and functionality of your e-commerce site.   

What are the Major Advantages of Using Magento? 

  • It’s easy to install with additional plug-ins and layouts.
  • It offers extensive customization to design and functionality.
  • You can create multiple websites and run multiple stores.
  • Most extensible e-commerce system.
  • It has the best admin interface.
  • It comes with new features and bug fixes every few months.
  • You are free to choose hosting service.
  • It’s easy to upload products to Magento.
  • There’s an active community of store-owners.
  • You enjoy reduced operation costs. 

Magento is one such platform that has been making headlines, a multipurpose and all-in-one e-commerce solution for your business. The experts at NetPyx ensure proper implementations of Magento. So whether you’re looking to create a new site, transition an existing site, or update your current version of Magento – we’re here. 

Our Services Comprises of: 

  • Magento Hosting
  • Magento Templates
  • Magento Tutorial
  • Customization and Configuration
  • Magento Integrations
  • Magento Marketing
  • Magento Performance Optimization 

Our expertise and unmatched experience in developing with Magento enables us to enjoy an astronomical success rate. A lot of companies will claim they build it extraordinarily; we have the certifications and portfolio to back it up. 

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“Rule the World with Most Powerful Language.”

php With the increased use of Internet, the websites has become an important part for businesses across the world. A popular choice in today’s competitive world is using PHP, a general-purpose scripting language. NetPyx offers you an opportunity to get your work done from experienced and professional PHP developers so that you have a website that’s just perfect.

Its clarity in design, better upkeep of various technologies and well organized modules, make it the need of hour. Its credibility and popularity can be gauged by the fact that well-known organizations and popular social networking sites are based on PHP.

What is PHP?

PHP is probably the most popular server-side scripting language used for website development but also used as a general-purpose programming language. With PHP, you can perform things like create username and password login pages, create forums, surveys, picture galleries, and check details from a form. Being a server-sided language, it does not get executed on your computer, but the results are handed over to you by server and displayed in your browser.

The reasons behind immense popularity of PHP:

  • It is open source means readily available.
  • It creates dynamic pages with more customized features.
  • Ideal for E-commerce development.
  • Support various operating systems being cross-platform.
  • You enjoy cost savings, it’s free software.
  • The application is likely to be secured and safe.
  • Easy availability of resources or experienced developers.
  • The development cost is low and gives a speedy turnaround time.
  • Supports popular databases like, Oracle, MySQL and others.
  • A general purpose scripting language, and can be embedded into HTML.
  • Stability, speed and flexibility are the main qualities.
  • You enjoy freedom of choice between the operating system and the web server.

With so many benefits attached to PHP, there is no denying to the fact that it has become the favorite language of developers. Therefore, we emphasize more on the popular languages and thus, offer you the best possible solutions in the industry. Our developers are talented and experienced enough to handle any complicated task.

What we offer:

  • PHP Web Development
  • PHP Application Development and Integration
  • PHP Website Maintenance and Deployment
  • E-Commerce Web Development
  • Upgrade and Extension Development
  • Payment Gateways Integration
  • Custom Plug-ins for WordPress
  • Google Map Integration
  • Working with Google API’s and Fetching Data

Although PHP is already very popular and well established, its future possibilities are infinite. To be able to leverage the profits, you have to choose the best and we offer you a platform where you can get your work done as per your requirements.

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“Get Custom OpenCart Design and Development”


Our E-Commerce web solutions are ideal for all businesses whether it’s a small, medium or large enterprise. Usability, consumer trust, visual impact and consumer remembrance are the goals with our E-Commerce solutions. 

What’s OpenCart? 

OpenCart is a powerful, feature-rich and user-friendly open source shopping cart system. It’s a sturdy, PHP based e-commerce solution for online merchants allowing them to create their own online business and run e-commerce at a minimal cost. The spontaneous admin interface provides complete control over your online store. It’s available as free software and has an order management and built-in multiple gateways as well.    

Why You Should Consider OpenCart? 

  • There’s an option of many payment gateways.
  • It offers unlimited categories, products and manufacturers.
  • It’s an open source, and multilingual platform.
  • It offers automatic image resizing and related products.
  • Supports multiple currency option according to the country chosen.
  • Many extensions to choose from.
  • You can get customized reports on priority basis.
  • Access to unlimited information pages.
  • Shipping weight calculation and discount coupon system.
  • You get printable invoices and sales reports.
  • Ready-made templates & SEO friendly options. 

You will find customized, reliable and robust solution with us as we provide end-to-end OpenCart services to our varied clients. Our excellent track record in offering feature-rich and cost-effective OpenCart development solutions will definitely meet your expectations. 

Our OpenCart Services Comprises Of:- 

  • OpenCart Shopping Cart Migration and Installation
  • OpenCart Customization and Template Design
  • E-commerce Website Development and Maintenance
  • OpenCart Redesign and Card Upgrades
  • OpenCart Integration
  • OpenCart Themes Development
  • Compatibility Testing 

We believe in working together with our clients and thus, deliver tangible solutions using state-of-the-art technology and latest market trends. 

Let us know your exact requirement and leave rest to our professionals; they will take care of everything…..


 “We’ll Power Up Your Business with Best and Cost-efficient Platform”


In today’s fast paced and technologically advanced world there is a compelling need to stay ahead of relentless competition. All the applications have to be up-to-date, properly managed and responsive in order to meet up with the customer expectation. WordPress helps organizations exploit emerging opportunities.

 What’s WordPress?

An online, open source website creation tool is probably the most powerful and easiest blogging and website content management system (CMS). It’s currently the biggest self-hosted blogging tool and is constantly being developed and maintained. This open source platform is based on PHP and MySQL programming and is completely customizable. Today, a lot of famous news outlets, companies, music sites and celebs are using WordPress.  

Why You Should Consider WordPress? 

  • It’s the way to express in style.
  • It can be easily customized and used as a Website CMS.
  • Add Audio, Video, and images.
  • You can track your popularity.
  • It’s safe and secure.
  • It’s multilingual, available in over 50 languages.
  • You are free to choose your audience.
  • No more spam, get rid of unwanted comments on your blog.
  • An excellent platform for serious content.
  • A helping hand is always available. 

WordPress is a platform where you can showcase your services, reviews and connect with people across the world. We have expertise in WordPress and best professionals to give your business cost-effective solutions and a unique business identity. 

What we’ll Do For You:- 

  • Theme Design and Integration
  • Blog Customization
  • Blog Design and Integration
  • WordPress CMS Customization
  • Template Customization
  • Customized RSS Feed Creation
  • Company’s Logo and Graphics Installation
  • Customized Plug-in Development
  • Plug-in Integration
  • Upgrade an Existing Plug-In as per Custom Requirement
  • Technical Support 

Get in touch for more details on WordPress…..