Days at Netpyx

At NetPyx, we pride on being what we are, a great place to work where you can express yourself, you can enjoy festivals, and you can build strong relationships.

We organize a lot of activities and it is not at all about winning at any cost or winning every time –  it is all about participation, sportsman spirit, teamwork and recognition. It is about working together in a team with an attitude of “When My Team Wins, I Win”.

Lohri Celebrations 2014

We wish that each day of coming year be Colorful, Joyful, Energetic and Fascinating.” There are many reasons for rejoices and celebrations……

We celebrate New Year to say cheers to our achievements, acknowledging personal growth and motivating our employees to work with more passion. We just celebrate our progress and promise ourselves to achieve more – through dedication, hard work and honesty.

We just want to tell our employees that ‘no matter how difficult the past, you can always give your life a new start’.

Sometimes, we need a tour to rejuvenate

“Nothing lasts forever- so take chances, laugh it off, live it up and go out with your team members to explore what you love the most.”
We do not believe in working every hour, or each day…sometimes it’s very important to take a short break from tasks and duties – time for a tour. We believe in keeping our employees happy and entertained as they contribute to the success of the company.

Once a year, but the most awaited day – Birthday

“A simple celebration for your Birthday can give you tons and tons of happiness.” God gave us the beautiful gift of life, and we just contribute a little to make our employees happier.
We want our employees to make the most of their special day and wish whatever they ask, they receive and whatever they wish, it be fulfilled. We just want to tell our team members that how important they are for the organization.

Our Holi is always full of colors and happiness

“The beautiful colors of Holi spread the message of happiness and peace; to live with more joy, more harmony and more energy.”

We immerse ourselves in the colors of joy, happiness and togetherness and strengthen our bond with sweets. We want the lives of our team members to be filled with colorful memories and sweet moments.

This is how we celebrate Diwali

“The sun or the stars cannot shine the way Diyas shine; we all merge ourselves in this festival of lights to feel blessed and gifted.”
The sights and sounds of diwali celebration fill up our heart with happiness and rejuvenate us to give our 100%. We just want to convey a little message through our celebration that ‘let this festival of lights burn all your painful moments and take you in high spirits.